SPECIFICATIONS as constructed:

  • Total width (over wheel arches)
  • Total length (including draw bar)
  • Total height
  • Body width (inside unit)
  • Body length
  • Ball weight
  • Level ground clearance
  • Wheels (white spoke)
  • Tyres
  • Power supply
  • Maximum pumping distance
  • Maximum pumping height

14" Ford stud pattern
2 x 10 amp 240 volt
50m @ 1m head
11m at unit

  NOTE: Total weight of standard unit is 660 kg as constructed.
Additional weight of any optional extras MUST not exceed 90kg
    WARNING: Total weight (GTM) must not exceed 750kg

All units come with a unique macerating pump which mechanically treats all waste and discharges it via a 32mm flexible hose, complete with cam lock fittings (supplied with the unit). The waste is discharged directly into the existing sewer or septic via an O.R.G.D.T. or similar point for a temporary installation situation. NO WASTE OR WATER IS DISCHARGED ONTO THE GROUND!

The 240 volt power connection is for the macerating pump and the 50 litre electric hot water supply and the light/fan.

Water is made available to the ensuite from a domestic supply (garden tap) with the use of a 12mm human consumption grade hose with a standard click fitting (supplied with the unit).


Q: What do we need for the unit to work?
A: All you need is access to power (2x standard 10 amp power points), water (garden tap), and access to the existing sewer or a holding tank.

Q: Does the unit have to be installed by licensed plumber or electrician?
A: Because the unit is installed in a temporary situation and there are no fixed connections to the existing services, this is not a requirement.

Q: Can I discharge the waste into a septic sewer system?
A: You can discharge the waste into any septic or sewer system available to you.

Q: How far can the unit be from the point of discharge to the sewer?
A: The unique macerating pump installed in the unit allows you to position the unit up to 10 metres below, and 50 metres from the point of discharge from the sewer.

Q: Do we need chemicals?
A: Because the waste is discharged directly into the sewer there are no smells and no need for the application of any chemicals.

Q: Can I use the unit in a remote situation?
A: Although the unit was designed for use where services are readily available you would be able to provide the same by way of a generator for power, a tank with a pressure pump for water supply and a holding tank for the waste which you can remove later.

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